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Circumcision pre-consent information notes for parents


Please read these notes before submitting the booking form:

Your baby is going to be circumcised, that means that he will have the foreskin removed from around the end of his penis.

The method used involves the placing of a safety shield so as to ensure that no damage can be done to the penis. The foreskin is removed with one swift incision using a single-use sterile scalpel. A coagulative bandage is then applied around the wound, and is removed within minutes. The procedure takes only a few minutes but he will be with me for approximately ten minutes.

The procedure, which is very safe, is usually straightforward with no complications. There are some risks but these are rare and usually minor. Occasionally (in about 1 -2 % of cases) there may be some minor bleeding either at the time of the circumcision or in the hours following it. This would be detected by checking the baby regularly in the hours following the circumcision, and is usually stopped easily by re-bandaging the wound. I will check the baby myself before I leave.

Local skin infection as well as urinary tract infection following circumcision by this method, are very rare (occurring in considerably less than one in a hundred and one in a thousand cases respectively).

A small number of babies develop what appears to be ‘excess skin’ around the penis which tends to appear around 2-3 months after the circumcision as he gains weight. It gradually disappears as the penis grows and takes on the normal adult appearance at puberty.

Meatal stenosis, a narrowing of the urethral opening, may develop at any time in childhood. It occurs in fewer than 1% of children. The overall complication rate of babies circumcised in the first few months of life is very low.

Immediately after the circumcision the baby will have two nappies on; one on top of the other, to give him extra padding so that you can hold him and cuddle him as normal without fear of hurting him. Once he is back with you, you may comfort him with a cuddle and a feed.

Shortly after the circumcision, I will give you full
instructions as to how to change his nappies, care for the wound and how to handle him. I will also show you how to do this.

You will be provided with full written aftercare instructions before I leave and details of how to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Information contained in the consent form will be retained in perpetuity.

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Rabbi J. Abraham

Expert Circumcision Specialist & Member Of The Initiation Society