Rabbi J. Abraham

Expert Circumcision Specialist
& Member Of The Initiation Society

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Rabbi J. Abraham

Expert Circumcision Specialist & Member Of The Initiation Society


As a highly experienced Circumcision Specialist, Rabbi Abraham believes that your home is the safest environment in which to perform the circumcision. In a clinic, the newborn baby may be exposed to germs and viruses from other patients there. It is a known fact that a high proportion of infections and viruses are contracted in hospitals and clinics. At home this is obviously not a concern. Don’t be fooled by the scaremongering propaganda that you may read on some websites about the need for a diathermy machine which they may (or may not) have there. Such a machine is practically unheard of for the procedure of neonatal circumcision. They are just trying to cover up for the well established fact that most infections & viruses are contracted at these clinics – which should be avoided at all costs!


Baby circumcision home visits available in and around London including almost any area. North, East, South & West London are covered, as well as neighbourhoods in the Greater London area like Hayes, Northwood, Pinner, Watford, Borehamwood, Barnet, Potters Bar, Romford, Dagenham, Erith & Dartford. We do also travel further afield upon request.


The home is the most convenient and comfortable place for baby and parents. You have the luxury of privacy, and all your creature comforts. It is not the best thing to travel around with a very young baby, especially post circumcision. You stay at home – we do the travelling! Furthermore, the best time to circumcise your baby, is within the first few weeks since he feels less then and the healing is much faster. With home visits, the circumcision can be done sooner.

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At London Baby Circumcisions, parents and baby have the best possible experience! If you require more information, we will be happy to assist you. Just give us a call, or send us your number and we will contact you!