The Procedure

To save parents extra jobs in the hectic period after birth, almost all the necessary materials are provided – all you need is nappies, wipes, and a large (250ml) tub of Vaseline.

The whole appointment usually lasts an hour but the actual procedure only takes a few minutes. First the baby is weighed to make sure that he is healthy and gaining weight. The baby is then given orally, a measured dose of pain killer. An anaesthetic (spray – not injection!) is then applied to numb the area. During the procedure the baby is given a bottle to suck. As a  result of all this the baby usually stays quiet right the way through!

The technique used is the incision method – the tried & tested way for over 3000 years. A new single-use disposable blade is used for each baby. We do not recommend the “plastibell”/ring & ligature method at all. That way the baby has to have a ring and a ligature crushing the remainder of his foreskin often for a week or more, until it  eventually falls off! In addition, the ring doesn’t always fall off on its own and further surgery could be required to remove it. (This method also requires the foreskin to be cut longitudinally to allow it to be retracted.) With the incision method, the dressing is removed only a few minutes after the procedure and the penis is left free and unrestricted.

The healing process starts straight away, taking 7-10 days to fully heal. The parents are given detailed guidance (oral and written) on how to care for the baby post circumcision and we are available on the phone 24 hours – so you’re never on your own!